Get your quick fix of Game of Thrones with Season 5’s first teaser trailer

Though we’ll have little more than conjecture until spring (and, of course, the books if you’re into that sort of thing), HBO has shared a quick glimpse of Game of Thrones Season 5 with the release of its first teaser trailer — well, more of a teaser blip really. But for those who can’t get enough GOT mania it’s something to get you through the holiday weekend, at least, and remind you the world of Westeros awaits.

The first few seconds of action focus on Arya Stark, perhaps hinting that HBO will be releasing similar clips for other integral characters to rekindle our fervor for the show leading up to the Season 5 premiere in a few months. In the short video we see Arya awaken from a restless sleep, catch her engaging in more swordplay, and get another encounter with the three-eyed raven. An ominous woman’s voice also hints at Arya’s path for the new season, saying “I see a darkness in you.”

Following the link to promises some answers, but we’d guess it’ll only lead to annoying text messages. Alas, we’ll have to wait for more than a few morsels of the story to leap off the page until the seasons turn.