This Bluetooth amp converts any old speakers you’ve got into wireless wonders

I can’t even begin to count how many times someone has come up to me and asked me how they could go about converting their existing speakers into Bluetooth speakers. It’s clearly an idea folks are into, yet one with few simple solutions. In the past I’ve had to suggest Bluetooth receivers to pair up with existing stereo receivers or perhaps a small digital amp — hardly plug-and-play. But now, thanks to Griffin, I’ve got something I can recommend with confidence. At CES 2015, I found the Griffin 20, a compact and attractive Bluetooth amplifier that can turn nearly any pair of passive speakers wireless.

The Griffin 20’s 20 watts per channel won’t allow you to rock a block party, but it should be more than sufficient for casual indoor or outdoor listening. Let’s say you want to set up a garage audio system with some oldie-but-goodie speakers you’ve got sitting around — the Griffin 20 would be perfect. If you’ve got a subwoofer, the 20 can handle that as well, thanks to a dedicated subwoofer output.

This is no el-cheapo solution, either. I was impressed by the quality of the amp’s binding posts and gold-plated jacks. The large silver volume knob felt weighty, and I love the addition of a digital optical input for connection to another component like a gaming console or cable/satellite box.

At just $150, I think the Griffin 20 is a slam-dunk of a value. What a great gift idea! You can even bundle in a pair of excellent NHT Super Zero speakers for $300 total, or add in a great compact NHT sub at $600 for the total package at Griffin’s online store.

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