Not digging the curve? Samsung’s HU8550 4K/UHD TV is flatter, thinner, and cheaper

Great news for those who aren’t a fan of the new curved TVs that have taken store shelves by storm this year: Samsung’s best flat-screen 4K/UHD TV series, the HU8550, sports performance and features on par with the top-of-the-line (and curved) HU9000 series, but at a significantly lower price.

If we compare the 65-inch model from each the HU9000 series and the HU8550 series seen here, the difference is about $1300 — not an insignificant sum. You do lose a few things beside the curve, though. The HU8550 doesn’t get Samsung’s slick One Connect box which houses all the TV’s brains and connections in a outboard box, with a single cable running to the TV. However, this model does support Samsung’s Evolution Kit program, which allows for an upgrade down the road, should you be so inclined to get one.

Aside from that, the only other loss is a pop-up camera. Everything else in terms of features is the same, as shown in our video. And as for processing, it appears to be on par with the HU9000 as well. This translates into a top-notch picture with very good black levels and great contrast — especially for an LCD/LED TV.

If you’re considering making the move to 4K/UHD but don’t want squander any savings on features you don’t really care about anyway, then the HU8550 should be on your short short-list.