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Rock out and help plant a tree with House of Marley’s Uprise wireless in-ears

If you care about the planet as much as you care about music, you’re probably already familiar with House of Marley and its range of eco-friendly audio products, such as bass-heavy headphones and speakers made from hemp. The company is back at it again with its new Uprise Bluetooth wireless in-ears, which stand out thanks to the natural and recycled materials from which they’re made.

House of Marley describes the Uprise as a “conscious alternative to the sea of plastics” that comprise the vast majority of the headphones you’ll find on the market these days. Made mainly from recycled wood fiber and recycled polypropylene composite, the Uprise also use House of Marley’s Rewind up-cycled fabrics and Regrind recycled silicone and plastics. Looking beyond the materials at the actual build, the headphones look similar to some other “ear hanger” wireless in-ears, with a fabric-covered cable that is meant to run behind your neck.

The Uprise feature the standard three-button controls you’ll find on many wireless headphones these days, and an included mic lets you take and make calls on the go. People often reach for wireless in-ears to join them on their daily workout, and House of Marley has anticipated this with the Uprise, so the in-ears are IPX5-rated, meaning they’ll hold up to both sweat and weather. Battery life is claimed as up to eight hours, and a Micro USB cable is included for charging. The headphones even come with a stash bag which — you guessed it — is made from recycled materials. In this case, it’s 100 percent recycled water bottles.

The environmentally conscious theme that runs through the Uprise and House of Marley as a whole doesn’t end at the materials it uses. The company has teamed up with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reforestation, and a portion of the profits from each product sold goes toward planting trees in California, Canada, and Indonesia.

The House of Marley Uprise Bluetooth wireless headphones retail for $90 and are available now via the company’s website and retailers across the nation. If you’re not quite sure that this is the set of headphones for you, take a look at our list of the best Bluetooth headphones you can buy.

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