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Go green, save green: Affordable House of Marley Bluetooth speaker made from hemp

House of Marley
House of Marley has made a name for itself as a purveyor of great-sounding and sustainably manufactured audio gear, and such is the case with the three new products announced at this year’s CES conference.

The flagship of the company’s new line is the No Bounds Sport speaker, a waterproof portable Bluetooth device that offers 12 hours of battery life and 360 degrees of sound from its cylindrical profile. The relatively simple design of the speaker does feature a couple of unique cues, including upcycled hemp fabric and a sustainably harvested cork base with optional storage — you know, for when you need to take something small with you on the go.

The company also announced the smaller No Bounds speaker, a puck-shaped device that features a built-in carabiner for easy attachment to backpacks and other outdoor gear. Designed to be lightweight and rugged, the dustproof and waterproof speaker offers a 10-hour battery life in addition to a quick-charging feature, giving those on the go plenty of juice to jam out all day.

Those looking for a more private listening experience during their active time may be interested in the company’s new Uprise Sport headphones. Designed to be sweat- and weather-resistant, the banded wireless in-ears use recycled silicone and wood fiber composite resin for a more sustainable impact, and offer various hanger and fin options for a secure fit.

In addition to being sold in 100 percent recyclable packaging, every product sold by the House of Marley will contribute to reforestation, as part of an ongoing partnership between the company and One Tree Planted, a nonprofit dedicated to planting trees around the globe. House of Marley hopes to raise enough funds to plant 75,000 trees in 2018.

Even if you’re not in it for the ecofriendly angle, House of Marley has made some excellent products in the past, including the Stir It Up Turntable. It’s also worth noting that despite their many sustainable and recycled components, each of the company’s three new products carries a remarkably affordable price tag. The No Bounds Sport and No Bounds speakers will retail for $120 and $70, respectively, and the Uprise headphones will debut at $100.

The company plans to launch the No Bounds speaker in April, the No Bounds Sport in May, and the Uprise Headphones in June.

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