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Grab a 65-inch TV for $300 in Best Buy’s 4th of July Sale

The Insignia F30 4K Smart Fire TV against a white background.
Best Buy

There are a few times per year when TV deals are all over the place, and one of those cherished holidays is just around the corner: the 4th of July. As such, we found this terrific sale on the Insignia 65-inch F30 4K TV at Best Buy. Normally, you’d need to spend $450 for this bad boy, but you’ll be able to call it yours for only $300. While we expect this TV to hang out at this price for a day or two, we can’t be sure long how the discount is going to last. 

Why you should buy the Insignia 65-inch F30 4K TV

For those unaware, Insignia is Best Buy’s house brand, which is known for its budget-friendly output. Typically, you’d be spending upwards of $1,000 for a 65-inch 4K TV, which is exactly what Insignia aims to avoid. Don’t get “cheap prices” mixed up with “cheap quality” though: Best Buy Insignia TVs deliver an exceptional picture, and it all starts with that beautiful 4K screen.

Whether you plan on streaming 4K movies and shows from Netflix or you own a big library of Ultra HD video games, the Insignia F30 pushes every one of its pixels to the max. And while it may not be the brightest or most colorful picture ever produced by an LED-LCD, it’s still picture quality that most folks are going to love. Not to mention the 4K upscaling all your lower-res sources will receive.

As far as smart TV features go, the Insignia F30 is powered by Amazon’s Fire TV OS. You’ll have access to most major streaming apps, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney+, along with AirPlay 2 compatibility and other web-connected capabilities. The remote control even includes an Alexa button, which lets you use the digital assistant to search for something to watch, change inputs, control smart home devices, and more.

Best Buy deals are going to keep dropping as the summer progresses, but we’re not sure how long this markdown on the Insignia 65-inch F30 4K TV is going to last. So if you’re interested, do yourself a favor and save $150 by buying ASAP. 

While you’re here, it may not hurt to look at some of our soundbar deals too. After all, no TV is complete without a killer audio system!

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