JVC’s Everio X: Still Camera and HD Camcorder At The Same Time

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The distinctions between camcorders and digital still cameras have, lately, become rather fuzzy: under the hood, the devices use mainly the same sets of components and technologies, and for years digital cameras have offered increasingly-sophisticated video shooting capabilities. What made camcorders special was increased storage and features specific to shooting video, while digital cameras emphasized features aimed at perfect stills. Now, JVC wants to go away with the distinctions altogether with its Everio X "hybrid camera" that can simultaneously shoot high-definition video and nine megapixel still images—plus, the unit can shoot slow-motion video and high-speed stills. The Everio X is aimed at consumers who want to be able to shoot both stills and high definition video, but don’t want to haul around two separate devices.

Also known as the Everio GZ-X90, the Everio X can shoot 1080p video and still capture 5 megapixel images. without interrupting video recording. The camera also has a 10× slow motion mode, and has a high-speed still mode that can shoot half a dozen 9 megapixel images at 15 images per second. To ensure the best shots, the Everio X offers optical image stabilization, and a 5× optical zoom The Everio X stores video and images to SDHC cards.

Overall, the device is shaped like a "chunky smartphone," measuring 2.6 inches tall, 4.88 inches lone, and 1.46 inches wide—the camera weighs 0.66 pounds. The Everio X features a 2.8-inch LCD viewfinder display and can connect to televisions and monitors using an HDMI output; the unit also features AV and component video output, along with USB 2.0 connectivity.

JVC says the Everio X should be available in June at a suggested price of $999.95.

[Updated 10-Mar-2009 to correct for misleading information in JVC’s launch materials for the Everio X.]