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Klipsch celebrates 70 years with a boatload of new products at CEDIA

As of 2016, Klipsch has been in business for 70 years, but unlike some other companies that have been in business for similar lengths of time, Klipsch isn’t resting on its laurels. Instead, the company is building products around newer technologies like wireless multiroom audio and 4K Ultra HD, as evidenced by the massive pile of gear the company is showing at CEDIA 2016. The lineup includes four new sound bars, two DSP amplifiers, and its new Stream series.

“Our team has crafted a new line of products that illustrate the creativity and influence Klipsch has on the consumer electronics market,” Klipsch CEO Paul Jacobs said in a statement. “As we celebrate 70 years, we are able to look back on where our company has come from and prepare to wow the industry in the same way our founder Paul W. Klipsch did in 1946.”

Klipsch first showed off its Stream wireless multiroom system at IFA earlier this month, with its CEDIA presentation allowing for a closer look. The initial release will consist of six different products. The Gate allows existing audio gear to work within the Stream ecosystem, while the PowerGate is an integrated amplifier. The lineup is completed by the Heritage Wireless tabletop stereo system, the Three wireless speaker and RW-1 wireless speakers, and two sound bars in Klipsch’s newly updated Reference series.

While some of the other wireless multiroom systems we’ve seen have a distinct look that’s intended to stand out, the components in Klipsch’s Stream line are meant to blend in. Some products are flashier looking than others, but most, including the RW-1 speaker as well as the Gate and PowerGate, feature an understated black finish.

“The goal for our wireless ecosystem was to create high quality products with premium materials that match the décor of any room in your home,” Klipsch vice president of digital, streaming, and portable audio solutions Steve Jain said. “Too many products today are plastic-wrapped boxes and we feel it is important to create products using materials such as real wood, metal, copper, and leather. “

Klipsch unveiled a total of four sound bars, two of which — the RSB-14 and RSB-8 — are part of the Stream ecosystem. These are joined by the RSB-11 and RSB-6. All of the new sound bars feature HDMI 2.0 inputs and 4K Ultra HD passthrough, essentially a given in most modern A/V equipment.

While the above products are all meant to operate inside, Klipsch’s new Landscape series of speakers are meant to operate in outdoor situations. These can be staked into the ground in your backyard, garden, or in other outdoor locations. The company also announced two new DSP amplifiers — the KDA-500 and KDA-1000 — aimed at custom installers.

Klipsch will be showing all of these new products at its booth at CEDIA. In the meantime, Digital Trends has plenty more coverage of the show on the way.

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