LG Pours DivX Into Its BD390 Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Player

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South Korean eletronics giant LG announced its BD390 Wi-Fi enabled Blu-ray Player back at CES in January. The unit is now available in the United States and Europe, but it has a new trick up it’s sleeve: it can play back DivX high-definition video burned to DVDs, accessed directly off USB flash drive popped into the player, or streamed to the BD390 from a DLNA server elsewhere on the home network.

“LG is heralding a new direction for the Blu-ray industry with the full-feature high-end BD390 and incorporating support for DivX HD 1080p video is a key product differentiator,” said LG Home Entertainment Company CEO and president Simon Kang, in a statement. “With playback for DivX HD, the LG BD390 provides an expanded full HD viewing experience.”

The BD390 supports Blu-ray playback (of course), along with accessing BD Live content over a home broadband connection—which it can connect to using integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, so there’s no need to run Ethernet behind the couch and across the living room floor. The player also sports HDMI output, 1080p upscaling for standard definition content, discrete 7.1 audio output, and Netcast Entertainment Access, which lets user stream content directly off the Internet from providers like CinemaNow, YouTube, and Netflix.

The LG BD390 is available at major traditional and online retailers now at prices around $400.