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Cut the curve: LG unveils all-new flat OLED TVs

LG Flat OLED 9
LG is, quite literally, doubling down on OLED this year — in Korea, at least. The company is adding five new models to its premium OLED lineup for a total of 10, as reported by Korean newspaper MK Business News. The new Korean models were announced just ahead of a similar roll-out expected to hit the U.S. later in August.

A pioneer in OLED TV displays, LG is reportedly adding five new models to its OLED arsenal, spanning four series in the Korean market. Most notably, the new TVs will be the first from LG to offer the display technology in the traditional flat design — up to this point, all of LG’s OLED models, including the original 55-inch EC9300 HDTV, have featured a curved form factor.

The new selection will reportedly include models in both 65 and 55-inch sizes, boasting LG’s Art Slim Design, which cuts the profile even slimmer than the current collex of razor-thin curved OLEDs, with one of the 55-inch models stretching a mere 4.8mm in thickness.

MK Business also claims that just four of the new models being unrolled in South Korea will be sporting 4K UHD, while a fifth will top out at 1080p resolution. That said, this release may not be precisely mirrored when LG brings its new sets stateside. For one thing, LG has previously announced it would not release any new OLED TVs in the US that don’t offer 4K UHD resolution, and we expect there may be other subtle differences between the separate releases.

In addition, LG specifically told Digital Trends that any pricing attached to the Korean models could not be used as an indicator for US pricing, which will be announced “in the coming weeks.”

All that being said, the big headline here is that flat OLEDs are coming to America. So if you’ve been salivating over the brilliant colors and perfect contrast of OLEDs, but hate the curve, your time is about to come — just get ready to dig deep into your wallet.

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