LG’s slick webOS smart platform gets even slicker in 2015

lg webos 2 upgrade smarttv ces faster

One of the most intuitive smart TV platforms on the planet is about to get faster, smarter, and better: welcome to webOS 2.0.

Last night, LG dropped the news that its animated webOS system has moved to the next phase in development, just in time (shocker) for the gargantuan electronics show, CES 2015. The upgraded system will be on display in several 2015 LG smart TVs when the show kicks off in Vegas on January 6.

LG first launched its webOS system at last year’s CES, with a focus on “simple connection, simple switching and simple discovery.” Leveraged from technology developed by Hewlett Packard, the system breaks down the convoluted tiers and windows so common in smart TVs for a snappy, animated system that revolves around a motion-based remote and cursor system that allows easy access to all inputs and content with the wave of a hand.

This year, LG is trying to keep the pressure on competitors like Samsung and Sony with upgrades including a claimed 60 percent reduction in boot time after powering up the TV, and faster switching between apps and inputs. For instant, access to LG’s YouTube app is said to be 70 percent faster. Another notable addition is a new “My Channels” app that allows users to load up their favorite channels on the Launcher Bar for easy access.

Other new features include Quick Settings, which will allow viewers to adjust TV settings without interrupting programming, and Input Picker which claims to instantly recognize connected devices for easy access. Of course, LG’s enhanced 2015 TVs will also be packing the latest 4K UHD content from Netflix,  as well as the growing pile of content from Amazon’s new 4K UHD service, though no word was given about other 4K UHD services like Samsung’s M-Go, or DirecTV’s fledgling 4K UHD VOD service.

We’ll be going hands-on with the latest system at CES 2015 starting January 6, as well as checking out the inevitable upgrades to smart platforms from all of LG’s foes in the highly competitive smart TV market, so stay with us.