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LG’s rollable OLED TV on sale at an eye-watering price

LG’s latest product launch may be the first television that people spend more time playing with than actually watching. Why? Because this astonishing creation rolls out of, and into, a small box when you’re not using it.

First shown off at CES 2019, LG’s 65-inch Signature OLED R rollable 4K television has finally gone on sale, though for now only in South Korea.

According to LG, the R in the TV’s  name stands for “rollable” and “revolutionary.” But with its eye-watering $87,000 price tag, it can also stand for “really frickin’ expensive.”

LG’s Signature OLED R TV offers three different viewing formats — Full View, Line View, and Zero View. As per LG: “With full view, you can see the full extent of contrast, depth and realism which is standard with all LG TVs. Line View, meanwhile, show things like the time, mood, music selections, and even frame mode, which shows your favorite photos. Or, you can let the TV roll all the way into the box and forget it even exists with Zero view.”

Considering that the display will presumably spend a good deal of its time rolled up inside the speaker-cum-storage box below, the design of the base is also important. It features a brushed aluminum stand and the TV’s wool-covered speaker, which comes with a choice of four colors — Signature Black, Moon Gray, Topaz Blue, or Toffee Brown.

For further personalization, LG offers an engraving option on the base for a personal message, perhaps something like “donations welcome” if you’re bankrupt after forking out for it.

LG executive Park Hyoung-sei says the TV’s “seamless marriage of technological and design innovation” means the product “genuinely deserves to be called a work of art,” and it’s certainly hard to disagree with him on that.

Surely the most exciting television release in years, LG’s beautiful Signature OLED R rollable TV is just the latest remarkable innovation to come to a contraption that just a few decades ago was little more than a clunky cube-like box with a rubbish picture.

Digital Trends has reached out to LG to see if it has any plans for a global launch for its new TV and we will update this article when we hear back.

If you’re in the market for a more reasonably priced TV, do check out our special guide featuring some of the best models currently on the market — ones that you might actually be able to afford.

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