Marantz completes its audiophile trifecta with new NA8005 Network Audio Player

marantz completes audiophile trifecta new na8005 network audio player

Marantz recently unveiled its new premium NA8005 Network Audio Player and DAC. For those looking to bring their aging home theater into the age of HD audio, or match up with Marantz’s new PM8005 amplifier and SA8005 CD/SACD player, the NA8500 is an enticing new device. Top shelf features include high-grade digital to analog conversion, network connection for high resolution audio streaming, on board Internet radio access, and more.

Based on Marantz’s acclaimed NA-11S1 Reference Class audio player, the NA8500 offers primo components for superior playback of all your hi-res audio files at a much more manageable price – though at $1,200, it’s still not for the timid.  

The NA8500’s network connection spports DLNA 1.5 music streaming from PC and NAS storage devices. File compatibility includes MP3, MPEG, WAV, WMA, FLAC, and ALAC with a max resolution of 192kHZ/24bits, or DSD files at 2.8mHz or 5.6mHz. Also accessible are thousands of Internet radio stations, Spotify Connect, and Airplay support for the Apple faithful.

The player also hosts multiple hardwired inputs, including USB-B, Coaxial, and Optical digital inputs, and a USB-A port on the front panel for connecting a mobile device or USB storage drive. Under the hood, the NA8500 sports advanced analog circuitry for a low noise floor, a high quality headphone amplifier, and a high current “audiophile” DAC with dual system clocking. In addition, the device has the ability to act as your computer’s external sound card for rich playback of all of your audio sources.

One surprising feature the NA8005 doesn’t offer is Wi-Fi. All of its network functionality must unfortunately be accessed via Ethernet connection, which could present a potential hassle, depending upon where exactly your modem/router  is setup. However, we’re guessing for many users the sound quality of this unit may trump the wireless convenience factor, presuming it lives up to its lineage.

Marantz’s new NA8005 Network Audio Player is expected to be available from authorized Marantz dealers in July