Appease your inner rock star with the Marshall Hanwell Limited Edition speaker

marshall hanwell limited edition speaker marshal

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The iconic Marshall speaker has graced stages of some of the biggest rock stars and wannabes for decades. It has a look that just screams rock and roll, and in more ways than one. Now, even if you can’t play, you can get the Marshall look and feel with the new Marshall Hanwell Limited Edition speaker, the first home audio product to bear Marshall’s legendary script logo.

This is part of the company’s line of new products for its 50th anniversary, proving that some things truly get better and more refined with age. If it’s too loud it might be because you simply can’t appreciate the Marshall sound.

This speaker – which evokes the look of a classic guitar amp, complete with coiled cable –  features a wooden cabinet with Marshall’s classic black vinyl finish. It includes a beefy analog power switch and controls for volume, bass and treble. Inside the cabinet are a pair of  six-inch long throw woofers, two dome tweeters and a 100-watt amplifier.

As it has both a retro look and functionality, this unit doesn’t feature any wireless connectivity nor a docking port for digital music players. Plus, while announced as a “limited edition,” the company is still producing 10,000 of these so it is likely that a stadium-sized crowd of fans might get one too.

That said, it still might be the thing for rock fans this holiday season, and is available now for $800.