Marshall’s Stanmore Brown Bluetooth speaker is Ricardo Montalbán-approved

Chances are good you’ve come across Marshall’s unmistakable logo at some point in your life – be it on your uncle’s old amplifier that’s been sitting out in the garage for decades, or your metalhead nephew’s 4×10 stack blasting your ears toward a hearing aid purchase. Marshall isn’t just one of the most recognizable amplifier brands on the planet, it creates some of the most reliable, most consistent, and hardiest audio gear around. And now Marshall is once again harkening back to its glory days with a new vintage color scheme for its Stanmore Bluetooth stereo speaker line: Stanmore Brown.

For us, Marshall’s latest stereo speakers have been back-and-forth. The Hanwell we reviewed in late 2012 was undoubtedly an asskicker … almost to a fault. Every time we went to plug our iPhone in to test it out, it instead felt more like we were plugging in our axe. Then came the first, cream-colored incarnation of the Stanmore, which we instantly fell head-over-heels for.

It may not be “fine Corinthian leather” but the new brown color is decidedly less industrial and a bit more home decor-friendly than its predecessors, though it will no doubt look great in any home recording/practice studio, too. Need a speaker that’s loud enough to rock out along with? The Stanmore is one of the best compact choices available. 

The Stanmore Brown joins its cream and black cousins at $400, available at, and a variety of retailers.