Mitsubishi TVs to Pack Vudu Streaming Video

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The media world is certainly paying attention to streaming videos, and television manufacturers are keen to bypass set-top boxes and home theater PC setups and integrate online video support right into their sets. The latest is Mitsubishi, which has announced taht two 52- and 46-inch entries in its Diamond Unisen series of 1080p flat-panel TVs have support for Vudu streaming video built right in to the set—along with an Ethernet port for connecting to owner’s home Internet connections.

Later this month, the new Mitsubishi TVs will also gain support for Pandora, Flickr, Picasa, and (of course) YouTube. The 46-inch Diamond Unisen carries a suggested retail price of $2,599, while the 52-inch unit carries a suggested price of $3,099.

The deal with Mitsubishi is a feather in the cap for Vudu, which has also has streaming video deals with television makers LG and Vizio—LG has just started shipping its first Vudu-capable sets, but no word has come down on when Vizio’s Vudu-capable gear will reach market.

Mitsubishi and Vudu previously worked together on Vudu set-top boxes that can be used with any television.

Vudu claims to have more than 16,000 titles available in its on-demand video library, with more than 2,200 of them available in high-definition.