Mohu’s Jolt antenna amplifier clears the airwaves to better TV reception

Jolt 2Check out our review of the Mohu Jolt amplifier as part of our Mohu Leaf Ultimate HDTV antenna.

Mohu has released a new antenna amplifier today that it calls the Jolt. But before you write it off as another signal booster (as we almost did), take a closer look. The Jolt is designed to filter through unwanted wireless radio signals – particularly from cellular and FM radio waves –  to increase the capability of pulling in weaker over-the-air TV channels via an antenna.

Mohu, makers of the Leaf line of digital TV antennas, has designed this with what it calls CleanPeak Filter technology, which is meant to reject signals that aren’t meant for the TV. This would theoretically make it easier to capture stations with weaker signals and even bump up those that are already coming in.

Mohu says the Jolt can do 15 dB of gain across the whole TV broadcasting band, which is why it can pull in even the weakest signals for proper viewing without choppiness or pixilation. It is dual-powered, with an option for doing it through USB directly into the USB port in the back of the TV, or by plugging it in to a wall outlet. As a power-saving measure, the Jolt will not draw any power when the TV is turned off.

Though designed to work with the Leaf antennas, it’s not exclusive to them, so it can boost the reception capabilities of any passive antenna. The fine print on the Jolt’s product page at Mohu’s Web site also states that it won’t work with the Leaf Ultimate and other already-amplified antennas.

The Jolt is selling now for $59.99 at and Amazon. Look out for a full review here at Digital Trends soon.