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Monster Cable outgrows its name, cuts ‘cable’

The company popularly known as Monster Cable is making a name change. According to a statement made at the CES 2012 press preview in New York by Noel Lee, CEO and “The Head Monster” at Monster Cable, the “cable” portion of the company’s name is being dropped.

The news could be spun a number of different ways, since the company has been reported to send its lawyers after just about anything with Monster in its name, citing brand protection as its motivation. But the move actually makes sense. While Monster Cable started out as a premium wire and connective cable company, it has long since moved on to other consumer electronics products, including power management, powered speakers and, of course, headphones.

While the company’s name and product packaging will change, its website URL will not. The popular job search engine,, will keep its URL of the same name. So, for the time being, will continue to the be go-to Web address for the consumer electronics juggernaut.

During that same press conference, Lee also announced that rock band Chicago will be handling the celebrity musical entertainment at Monster’s annual Dealer Awards shin-dig. The concert is scheduled for January 11th at the 85,000-square-foot Paris Ballroom in the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

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