Monster launches new headphones in collaboration with Hublot


Monster will be launching a retooled version of its Inspiration headphones that the company says fuses together its expertise in audio technology with the high-quality craftsmanship of Swiss watchmaker, Hublot.

The noise-cancelling Inspiration are an over-ear design which will be made of higher-grade materials , including a brushed aluminum finish, authentic leather headband and special carbon fiber ear cups,

Monster is also debuting its new Enigma chip in the Hublot Inspiration set, which it says features the most advanced digital noise cancellation available. Bluetooth, direct USB audio and user-customizable sound shaping technology are also included here. They feature Pure Monster Sound, the company’s latest proprietary sonic technology. Considering lackluster noise cancellation was our chief concern with that version of the Inspiration, this comes as encouraging news. 

In describing the noise-cancelling technology, Monster adds that the headphones are built around two microphones — one handling constant sounds (plane, bus, train), and the other drowning out intermittent noises (beeps, chimes, claps). The drivers are built on metal frames and cushioned with genuine leather ear pads.

This package is the most technologically advanced headphone in the world, according to Monster. They’ve been tuned by company co-founder Noel Lee, who was also the audio engineer behind the sound in the Beats By Dre headphones. These are reported to be the first headphones to have implemented dual mono amplification for better sound quality.

“Fine watches like those from Hublot are a lifestyle enhancing purchase for many people today, especially those who appreciate the very best things in life,” said Lee. “Hublot is a world leader in the manufacture of exquisite watches with a lifestyle flair, so it’s only fitting that Monster create the world’s highest performance luxury headphone, using many of the same brand aesthetics and impeccable qualities reflected in Hublot’s renowned history of fine watchmaking. Hublot customers also love music, and love to express their passion for music. The debut of Hublot Inspiration by Monster is a major step forward in the luxury headphone experience.”

Even co-owner Swizz Beatz chimed in, calling it an “honor for Monster to team up” with Hublot.

If you’re looking to pick these up, you’ll need to fork over a hefty amount. They’ll be available this summer for a suggested price of 1,750 Euros (about $2,275 U.S.) at Hublot retailers worldwide.

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