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Bobby Moynihan set to make final SNL appearance as a cast regular

After nine seasons of hilarity, notable characters like Drunk Uncle, and impressions of everyone from Guy Fieri to Chris Christie, Bobby Moynihan will be leaving Saturday Night Live, reports Deadline.

Moynihan’s last appearance will be on the season finale airing this Saturday on NBC. It will feature Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as host and Katy Perry as the musical guest.

The comedic actor won’t be absent from the small screen, though, as his comedy pilot Me, Myself & I was picked up by CBS, and made its way to the fall schedule. The single-camera show will also star veteran actor John Larroquette (The Librarians) and examine three periods in Alex Riley’s life: as a 14-year-old boy, as a 40-year-old man in present day, and a 65-year-old in 2042. Moynihan will play the present-day version of Riley, and Larroquette the senior version.

Moynihan has been a member of the SNL cast since 2008. Along with the aforementioned characters, some of his most memorable skits included Riblet, the mic-dropping fictional high school friend of Weekend Update co-anchor Michael Che, and Anthony Crispino, who delivers inaccurate, secondhand news reports on the satirical news segment. Of the current cast, Moynihan is the second-longest-tenured member, behind only Kenan Thompson, who has been an SNL staple since 2003.

It appears as though Moynihan’s brand of humor, however, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In its ranking of all 145 cast members ever to appear on the long-running sketch comedy show, Rolling Stone placed Moynihan firmly near the bottom in position 102, commenting “He’s an uncle and he’s drunk. Got it,” though they did laud his “brilliant” Chris Christie imitation.

Moynihan signed an initial seven-year contract with SNL, and granted the show a two-year extension, which is up at the end of this season. According to Deadline, he received several pilot offers, but selected Me, Myself & I as his first leading sitcom role.

Keep an eye out this Saturday, as chances are characters like Drunk Uncle, Riblet, and/or Crispino, will make their final appearance.

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