Niveus Announces HD DVD Media Centers

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Niveus Media has announced it will be incorporating high-definition HD DVD technology into its line of Intel Viiv-driven Niveus Media Centers.

“While we may have additional announcements later this year regarding the Blu-Ray disc format, we are ready to announce that product development is well underway to deliver HD-DVD in the award-winning Niveus Media Center by mid-2006” said Tim Cutting, Niveus’s founder and CEO.

Niveus Media Centers are full media center PCs designed to provide high-end audio and video quality and performance for true media buffs. Various models provide multiple television tuners, 192KHz/24-bit audio, HDTV capabilities, oodles of internal storage for movies, photos, recorded television, and more, sometimes with fanless operation.

Niveus will be demonstrating the Niveus Media Center with HD DVD support at the Electronic House Expo Spring 2006 being held in Orlando, Florida, from March 30to April 1, 2006.   Click here to Digg this story!