Nocs’ NS600 Crush headphones aim to streamline design and air flow

 nocs ns600 crush headphones

Check out our full review the Nocs NS600 Crush earbuds. 

Today, Nocs released the NS600 Crush, a high-end pair of earbuds with the goal of fusing high-quality sound and sleek style.  Though audiophiles tend to put sound quality over design aesthetic nobody wants thick bands that matte down half of your hair, or earpads the size of pancakes. Some pairs of high-end headphones have become so cumbersome that you just can’t help but feel a bit silly.

Nocs has made every effort to make its new pair of headphones feel hassle free. The company focused on both comfort and convenience, which — it claims — has resulted in a light, barely-there feel to the phones.  Furthermore, it has created a braided, tangle-free cord, designed not to knot around itself every time you wrap it around your iPod or stuff it in your bag.

To deliver better sound, the Nocs design team also packed each bud with two separate drivers, creating a tweeter + woofer setup to try to pack as much power as possible into the two diminutive ear pieces. Nocs’ Founder Daniel Alm spoke with us earlier and elaborated on the subject. “We combined two drivers as close as possible and optimized the air flow in that tight space,” he said, adding that “It came out quite well.”

We’ll have a review up later this week, but if you’re too intrigued to wait, head over to Nocs website, where the headphones are available for $150.