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Sneak peek of Olive Media’s new O6HD music server

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Olive Media  has been slowly unveiling their new O6HD media server and recently released the last of their three “sneak peeks” into the high-end, audiophile music server.

The O6HD reads like a true audiophile component in every way. For starters, the O6HD powers it’s analog output with a custom built toroidal transformer which they physically separate from the digital components to eliminate noise. To further ensure purely quiet audio output, Olive has also designed the O6HD to operate with no fan. As if all of that weren’t enough, Olive houses the O6HD’s internal components in a solid anodized aluminum enclosure which will significantly reduce vibration and, you guessed it, noise.

Of course, all this quiet operation doesn’t mean much if the quality of the music it plays is low resolution. One of the big challenges facing most digital music servers is that they do little to help the sound quality of lossy MP3 files.  Olive’s answer to this long-standing problem was to build the O6HD with top of the line up-converters that will take any quality or type of music file and boost it up to 385kz/24 bit resolution, which should ensure very clean high frequencies and detailed bass.

The company claims the O6HD improves upon previous models by featuring a 10.1″ high resolution color touch-screen interface and a unique angled shape that eases access to control buttons and simultaneously aids in hiding connectors.

We’ll have to wait until the official release date to learn more but based on the design and specs of previous models, we’re pretty sure that  the O6HD will offer a built-in wireless adapter, a monstrous hard-drive for on-board music storage and HDMI output for on-screen navigation of network music.

Olive seems pretty proud of their new product. In fact, to the first 20 pre-order customers they are offering a free VIP trip to San Fransisco that includes airfare, hotel, dinner and a tour of the Olive manufacturing facility where onlookers will get their first change to listen to and play with the new O6HD. To get on the pre-order notification list, you can sign up here.

The Olive O6HD will be available in black or silver finishes. No word yet on an expected price.

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