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Buy Panasonic’s Ultra HD Blu-Ray player this April, get Mad Max: Fury Road for free

Panasonic DMP-UB900 Ultra-HD Blu-ray Player
After all the announcements, trade shows, and general anticipation, as we enter March the era of Ultra HD Blu-Ray finally begins. Since Panasonic wowed us with its DMP-UB900 Blu-Ray player at CES in January, we’ve been waiting to see when we could get our hands on it. Now, not only do we know the answer to that question, we also know it will include a few extras.

Panasonic announced at its annual product launch convention in Frankfurt that its 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray player will go on sale in Europe in mid-April, HDTV Test reports. That’s earlier than many expected it to be released, but the price comes as less of a surprise. The DMP-UB900 has a suggested retail price of £600, which could put it at around $800 in the U.S., though Panasonic has yet to make an official U.S. announcement.

The DMP-UB900 not only features the high resolution that comes with the Ultra HD Blu-Ray format, but also features support HDR and wide color gamut on the video front. As for audio, high-res DSD, FLAC and ALAC audio formats in addition to the usual MP3, AAC, WMA, and WAV audio formats are supported. To make the most out of that extra fidelity, the player features a 96kHz-192kH up-sampling chip and some specialized processing designed to bring analog warmth to the digital signal.

Of course for many, Ultra HD Blu-Ray is all about the visuals, and the DMP-UB900 doesn’t aim to disappoint there either, with a high-precision Chroma processor and Direct Chroma up-scaling to make sure your existing Blu-Rays look great compared to the new UHD discs.

In order to make sure you don’t have to resort to re-watching old Blu-Rays, Panasonic will include the UHD Blu-Ray releases of both Mad Max: Fury Road and San Andreas. At the Oscars last night, Fury Road walked away with its fair share of awards, and is certainly a great pick for putting the player through its paces. Even better, the discs will be bundled right with the player — no need to redeem any offers or wait for the mail to come.

This isn’t the first time a Panasonic player boasting new technology has been packaged with a release making good use of that technology. In 2010, ­Avatar in 3D was bundled exclusively with Panasonic 3D Blu-Ray players and 3D TVs. While 3D in the home never quite caught on, it’s less likely that will be the case with Ultra HD Blu-Ray.

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The wait is nearly over: Panasonic’s 4K Blu-ray player gets a US release date
top tech of ces 2016 award winners panasonic dmp ub900 ultra hd blu ray player 2

At CES in January, three companies introduced 4K Ultra UD Blu-ray players: Panasonic, Samsung, and Philips. The latter two companies' players have been released in the U.S. while Panasonic's model is currently being sold in Europe, and exactly when the Panasonic offering would arrive in the U.S. remained a mystery until today.

On Friday, Panasonic finally announced U.S. pricing and availability for its DMP-UB900 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player. The UB900 will retail for $700 -- which is actually slightly cheaper than we expected -- and will be available beginning in September from the Panasonic website and select retailers, including Best Buy Magnolia locations.

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Buy Philips' Ultra HD Blu-ray player for $400 and get 'Creed' for free
Philips BDP7501

With 4K TVs still in their relative infancy, the demand for Ultra HD Blu-ray players hasn't yet hit a fever pitch. In order to sweeten the deal, some manufacturers and bundling 4K Blu-ray discs to help entice customers. Earlier this year, Panasonic did this in Europe, bundling Mad Max: Fury Road with its DMB-UB900 Blu-ray player, and now Philips is getting in on the game with its new Ultra HD player, out this month.

Today, Philips' North American licensee P&F USA announced that the upcoming BDP7501 will include a copy of Warner Brothers' Creed on Blu-ray. Not only does this film come in 4K, but also features HDR, allowing those who have recently bought a higher-end TV to pair with their new Ultra HD player to get an idea of just what it's capable of. The package also includes an HD version of the disc, as well as special features, also available in HD.

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Are your eyeballs ready? Philips’ 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray hits stores next month
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Earlier this year at CES, Philips was one of three companies to unveil a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player. The minimalist BDP7501 might have come out of the gates looking more like a set-top box than a traditional Blu-ray player, but touted all the features you'd expect from such a high tech player. At the time, Philips said the player would launch in the spring of this year, and it turns out the company may have been right, but just barely.

Today, the company's exclusive North American licensee P&F USA announced that the BDP7501 will be making its way to store shelves starting next month. The player will sell for $400, putting it right alongside Samsung's K8500 UHD Blu-Ray player released earlier this year.

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