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Polk’s Signa S2 soundbar/subwoofer combo pumps out great sound at a low price

Polk Audio has long been a brand associated with superb value when it comes to home audio products. The company has made a key part of its business the design and manufacture of great quality products that don’t cost and arm and a leg.

That legacy is furthered today, September 4, as the company has announced its new Signa S2 soundbar and subwoofer system, a $200 setup that is designed to bring full frequency sound to the living rooms of those without a corner office.

The Signa S2 replaces the old Signa S1 line, adding functionality and improved sound, and finally sporting an HDMI ARC connection, which means that those who have a smart TV with built-in apps can easily use the soundbar to listen to the content streaming from onboard their TV.

In addition to offering viewers an ARC connection, the Signa S2 comes with a series of one-button EQ settings for music, movies, and more, aimed at being as easy to use as it is affordable.

“The Signa Series sound bars from Polk Audio are incredibly popular because they’re easy to use, sound excellent, and are very flexible. In an effort to improve on an already great experience, we’ve beefed up the Signa S2 in just the right places to ensure consumers have an affordable option from one of the industry’s most trusted audio brands,” said Michael Greco, Polk Audio’s global brand director, in a press release. “The Signa S2 adds HDMI ARC for a streamlined, single-cable experience with smart TVs as well as improved sound quality for great audio from a product under $200.”

Those who find themselves without the need for a subwoofer can also check out the Signa Solo Soundbar, which retails for a paltry $129, and features digital surround sound and the company’s Voice Adjust technology — aimed at re-creating the voices of characters on screen with extreme accuracy.

Those interested in learning more about Polk Audio’s new home theater options should check out more information on the company’s website. And, as always, if you’re considering buying a soundbar, be sure to check out our list of the best models on the market right now.

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