Salagar Symphony S210 Speakers

In the world of high-end audio systems, a fine pair of speakers can be as much about the way they look as the sound they produce. And while style and function rarely have to come into conflict with speakers, Salagar Sonics actually set out to use one to achieve the other with its latest speaker. The Symphony S210 speakers feature a curvaceous shape derived from string instruments, which the company claims actually helps improve the sound.

The speaker’s front profile is formed by two semicircles arcing around the two drivers, then joining in a smooth transition. Think of each driver as the nucleus of an amoeba splitting in two, and you’ll get the picture. According to Salagar, this design reduces cabinet coloration by evenly distributing stress over the entire cabinet.

Salagar Symphony S210
Image Courtesy of Salagar Speakers

Aside from the S210’s unusual shape, it also brings some unusual internal components to the table. Unlike virtually all other speakers in its price range, the S210’s are completely self-amplified – meaning they can turn any input into a room full of sound without the associated bulk of a standalone amp. Salagar uses 200-watt class D amplifiers from Bang & Olufsen’s audio power division, ICEpower, to accomplish this. According to Salagar, these amps operate with six to eight times the efficiency of conventional Class AB amps, and are able to fit right inside the S210 cabinet because of their density and lack of heat output.

Salagar’s own X-ACT active digital crossovers split up each amp’s output and send it to the two transducers in each cabinet. Unlike a traditional crossover that can only perform this function in a single way, the X-ACT actually has four different programs that can be selected with a switch, allowing users to change the speakers’ frequency response and sensitivity for themselves. A 10-inch paper cone transducer set in a magnesium frame provides mid-range and bass for the S210’s, while a one-inch soft dome transducer handles high frequencies. Together they provide frequency response from 42 Hz to 20 kHz in the standard crossover setting.

At just two feet tall, one foot deep and 15 inches wide, the Symphony S210 can certainly pass as a bookshelf speaker – but it had better be a pretty beef bookshelf to hold them. With all of the amplification equipment inside, these heifers weigh in at 43 pounds apiece. Fortunately, Salagar sells its own line of stands to accompany them for those who would feel safer with all that weight right near the ground.

As with all things, performance has a price, and in the case of the Salagar Symphony S210, that price is $7,999 USD per pair. Buyers can select from five different wood finishes and eight different automotive finishes, although at that price you might as well have them done in 24K gold plate or mother-of-pearl, which Salagar will do for an additional unadvertised fee. Several paint colors, like Midnight Steel and Ruby laser, are considered “special order” and will run the price up another $500 USD.

For the serious audio enthusiast who doesn’t want to hide an amp, the Symphony S210’s represent some of the few high-end speakers that package everything into two little boxes. Even those who wouldn’t mind an extra brick in their entertainment centers may be lured in by the S210’s seductive and unusual styling, as long as they can foot the bill. You can find more information on the company’s website.