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Samsung’s 2020 soundbar lineup adds Dolby Atmos to your TV starting at $700

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the formal launch of Samsung’s 2020 soundbar lineup since the company debuted the new speakers at CES 2020, and today we now know how much it will cost to add one to our home theater setups. It’s a big selection and there’s a soundbar for every room and every budget, from a simple 2-channel volume booster to a fully immersive 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos sofa-shaker.

We don’t yet have the full specs for each model, but they’re all available today — or within the coming days — at major retailers and online.

Here’s Samsung’s full lineup of 2020 soundbars:

Samsung 2020 Q Series soundbars

Samsung 2020 soundbar Q Series

Samsung’s Q Series is the company’s top-of-the-line group of soundbars. They feature Q-Symphony technology, which combines the soundbar’s dynamic Object Tracking Sound with a compatible Samsung TV’s top speakers to produce a more immersive experience than the soundbar could produce on its own.

These soundbars models also include Samsung’s Acoustic Beam Technology, which can upscale non-surround, non-3D TV audio to create a more immersive feel.

The Q950T, Q90R, Q900T, Q80R, Q800T, and Q70T all have wireless subwoofers and support lossless Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound formats thanks to their HDMI eARC connection and a set of up-firing drivers that add the two height channels needed for the 3D-like sound effects. The Q800T and Q70T are the most affordable ways to get going with Dolby Atmos because they are 3.1.2 systems that don’t ship with discrete surround speakers. However, they can be upgraded at a later time with Samsung’s wireless speaker kit, which gives them a full 5.1.2 experience.

The Q60T provides a virtualized 3D experience via DTS Virtual:X. It too has a wireless sub and can be optionally upgraded with the wireless speaker kit for a true 5.1 surround sound setup.

  • Q950T: $1,800
  • Q90R: $1,700
  • Q900T: $1,300
  • Q80R: $1,200
  • Q800T: $900
  • Q70T: $700
  • Q60T: $500

Samsung 2020 S Series soundbars

Samsung 2020 soundbar S Series

Samsung’s S Series is its lifestyle-oriented lineup of soundbars, which places a greater emphasis on design elements like fabric-wrapped exteriors.

The S60T is a 4-channel soundbar with Dolby Digital and DTS, but it can be expanded into a much more capable system via an optional wireless subwoofer and the same wireless surround speaker kit as the Q Series soundbars. The S60T is also an Amazon Alexa smart speaker, with full voice control over streaming music sources and smart home devices.

  • S60T: $330
  • S40T: $180

Samsung 2020 T Series soundbars

Samsung 2020 soundbar T Series

Samsung’s T Series is its low-to-mid level soundbar lineup for those who are looking for the most affordable way to improve their TV’s sound. All T Series models come with wireless subwoofers and can be further upgraded with Samsung’s wireless surround speaker kit. These soundbars support Dolby Audio and DTS formats.

  • T650: $400
  • T550: $280
  • T450: $200
  • T70: $700
  • T50: $500

If you’re still unsure which soundbar to buy, you can always check out the Black Friday deals for soundbar sales, and find the finest one at a discounted price.

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