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Walmart deal drops a $200 price cut on this 43-inch Samsung 4K smart TV

Large smart TVs are all the rage nowadays, but that’s not to say there aren’t a number of fantastic, modest-sized 4K TVs to choose from, because there are — including this 43-inch Samsung 4K TV that’s now on sale for $300, down $200 from the usual $500.

You may be thinking that $500 is a little steep for a 43-inch television and we’d be inclined to agree if this wasn’t the latest model to roll off Samsung’s production line, so the chance to pick it up for the reduced price of $300 should not be passed up.

The fact it’s newer than other Samsung 4K TVs on offer at the moment is advantageous for two reasons, with the first being that it’s equipped with the most recent version of Samsung’s UHD Engine, which transforms HD content into 4K Ultra HD in real time.

As for the second advantage, that would be the television’s Smart TV software. In this case, it’s (as you might expect) the most recent build Samsung has released to date, offering one-click access to a slew of streaming services, like Hulu and Netflix.

The screen itself is crisp and has a fantastic viewing angle, and there’s multi-format HDR for drawing additional detail, such as a slight inscription on a wall in a dark room (think Indiana Jones), from what would otherwise be considered a faint, low-light scene.

If $300 is still a little out of your price range, Walmart is on hand to help — it ha teamed up with financing provider Affirm to offer its customers the option to spread the cost over twelve months, boiling down to a more digestible $30 per month.

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