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Dish Network and DirecTv jack up prices for 2014, blame content providers

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If you’ve got Dish Network or DirecTV, get ready for a higher bill in 2014. The two most popular and powerful satellite TV providers have each announced rate hikes for the new year which will add between $2 to $5 to the average TV package.

Both companies have reportedly cited higher fees from content providers as the root cause of the rate increase. DirecTV will be paying an average of 4.4 percent more to content providers in 2014, while Dish Network will see a 5.5 percent increase. And unfortunately, they’re passing those fees onto their subscribers.

A report by Twice breaks down the numbers, so here’s what’s coming to your bill in 2014: users of DirecTV’s basic “Entertainment” package will pay an extra $3 per month bringing their monthly bill to $58, while those with the full enchilada “Premier” package will have to cough up an extra $5, totaling $130 per month.

Subscribers to Dish Network’s “Smart Pack” will see a $3 rise to $33 per month, while most other packages will go up by $5. However, patrons of Dish’s budget packages will continue to be rewarded for going with the cheaper choice. Both the entry-level “Welcome Plan”, and Dish’s “Choice 120+” plan will remain the same for now, at $20 and $60 respectively.

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