Sennheiser doubles down on wireless headphones for 2015

If we had to choose one word to describe the future of audio — especially headphones — it would be “wireless.” Seminal headphone maker Sennheiser has embodied the wireless spirit with the company’s latest arsenal premiering at CES 2015. The newest fleet includes an all-new wireless series, alongside a wireless revamp of some popular oldies, and an all-new affordable line of wired sports headphones.

Momentum 2.0

For the second generation of Sennheiser’s brilliant Momentum series, the company has added a new hinge system to allow its stylish brand to fold up for better portability, as well as iOS and Android in-line microphones, and a rounder shape for better comfort. But more importantly, Sennheiser has also expanded to add wireless versions of its Momentum series, which also bring along active noise canceling for the ultimate in convenience — a perfect pairing for that rich and detailed Momentum sound signature.

Both the regular Momentum over-ear headphones, and the value-packed Momentum On-ear cans offer Bluetooth streaming with aptX for CD-quality sound from compatible devices, up to 22 hours of battery life, and on-board playback controls. In addition, the new cans sport Sennheiser’s proprietary NoiseGard noise cancellation system, which uses four microphones to better block out ambient noise.

Urbanite XL Wireless

Like the Momentum series before them, Sennheiser’s Urbanite XL over-ear headphones have aligned their firm and potent sound signature with a wire-free experience. It’s no surprise that these cans aimed Beats headphones fans should add wireless playback to the package, though we’re surprised the smaller Urbanite on-ear didn’t join the wireless party.

Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless

Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless

Offering the latest in Bluetooth streaming technology with aptX for CD-quality sound from compatible devices, the Urbanite XL Wireless also offer some other fancy features including the ability to remember up to eight different source devices, as well as to pair with two devices at a time. The headphones also offer touch controls on the right ear cup for music playback, and a claimed 25 hours of battery runtime.

RS Line

Sennheiser has also brought out a four-pack of new home-based wireless cans, which utilize a 2.4GHz radio single emanating from a base unit to allow users a wide birth for convenient listening to movies, TV, and music throughout the home. The cheap seats start with the RS 165, which offer around 90 feet of wireless range. The RS 175, RS 185, and flagship RS 195 all kick that range up to nearly 300 feet (100 meters) for serious wireless convenience.

The headphones all offer convenient setup to the base unit, with up to 18 hours of music playback per charge. The RS 195 are designed for the most discerning listeners, while the RS 185 offer an open-back headphone design for a more detailed, airier sound, though that means they won’t offer any noise isolation, and anyone nearby will be able to hear what you’re rocking out to.

Sports headphones

Finally, for those who simply need some regular ‘phones to go along with their daily workout, Sennheiser has laid out four all new models, including the MX 686 Sports, the CX 686 Sports, the PMX 686 Sports, and the OCX 686 Sports.

Both Sennheiser’s new MP and PMX 686 headphones are designed with an open-back design to allow listeners to hear the sound around them, making them much better suited for those working out in the chaos of the outside world. The MX 686 are cut in a classic design, while the PMX are shaped into a headband style to offer a tighter fit while you pound the pavement.

Sennheiser SportsRange

Sennheiser MX 686

The CX and the OCX are closed-back earphones for those looking to block out the noise of the local gym, and focus on the burn. The CX are designed to “slide-to-fit” for all different ear sizes, while the OCX have an earhook design to stay put and reduce cable noise. All of the new sports headphones also offer Sennheiser’s “SteriTouch” anti-bacterial technology, and “tangle-free” sleeved cables to stop noise and keep the cables from catching clothing.

All of Sennheiser’s new headphones are slated to come to market this month, and we’ll likely be getting some quality time with many of these new cans soon, so stay tuned.