Shure’s new SE112 promise to outperform your budget buds without breaking the bank

shures new se112 promise beat budget buds without breaking bank ipod nano hr edit

While many headphone brands are setting records for high-priced headgear, Shure recenlty unveiled a refreshingly affordable pair of sound-isolating earbuds, the SE112. Coming in at $49, the ‘phones are designed to be an affordable alternative to the throwaway buds that come with a smartphone.

Features for the SE112 include a lanky 50-inch cable, an over-ear fit for better comfort, and three sizes of sound-isolating eartips to block out ambient noise. While there aren’t a whole lot of bells and whistles, we’re hoping the SE112’s sound quality can help bolster a segment in the earbud market that thus far has grossly underperformed. In a review of a similarly priced pair, we tried to come up with a viable alternative, and were basically at a loss.

We’ve been assured we’ll be receiving a pair for review soon, so we’ll find out before long just how much of that signature Shure sound the company was able to squeeze into its lowest tier. Keep your eyes open for the results to see if $50 can still get you somewhere in today’s headphone market. Shure’s SE 112 will be available this spring.