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Sony’s 2020 4K HDR TVs are up for pre-order starting at $700

Sony offered up a slew of new TVs for 2020 when it revealed its lineup at CES 2020, and now we have the first set of prices and pre-order information for two of these new models: The X800H 4K HDR LED TV and the higher-end X950H 4K HDR LED TV.

Here’s how the new models, sizes, and prices stack up:


sony x800h 4k hdr tv
  • 85-inch: $2,700
  • 75-inch: $1,800
  • 65-inch: $1,200
  • 55-inch: $1,000
  • 49-inch: $750
  • 43-inch: $700

You can pre-order the X800H from Amazon right now, or from other authorized Sony retailers.

Sony didn’t say much about the X800H at the show in Las Vegas, but it’s a highly capable TV. It uses Sony’s 4K HDR processor X1 and 4K X-Reality Pro technologies which improve how 4K HDR images are displayed and also provide excellent upscaling of non-4K material.

Both Dolby Vision and HDR10 are supported for maximum HDR compatibility, and Dolby Atmos is supported, too. All of Sony’s 2020 TVs are Android TVs, which means they have Google Assistant onboard and accessible via the voice button on the included smart remote. You can Chromecast to the TV using an Android device, but Apple AirPlay 2 means Apple device owners get the same screen-sharing abilities, too.

As a smart TV, it’s also fairly impressive. Beyond the hundreds of apps supported by Android TV, there’s also Amazon Alexa compatibility which lets you take control over the TV’s functions using an Echo smart speaker or any other Alexa-powered device. With Apple’s HomeKit, the X800H can be added to a variety of automated functions using HomeKit’s scenes.


sony X950H 4k hdr tv
  • 85-inch: $5,000
  • 49-inch: $1,200

Like the X800H, you can pre-order the X950H through Amazon, too. The X950H will, of course, be available in additional sizes, but Sony says it won’t be announcing pricing or availability until a later date.

The X950H series definitely takes performance up several notches from the X800H. As Sony’s top-performing 4K LED TV, it uses the company’s X1 Ultimate picture processor — the same chip used in its 8K models. X-tended Dynamic Range Pro takes care of making HDR images look their best — with Dolby Vision and HDR10 supported.

The X950H also benefits from Sony’s acoustic multi-audio design, which places tweeters behind the screen — but at a higher point — to give a more realistic sound for elements like dialog. Dolby Atmos rounds out its audio chops.

Just like the X800H, all of the smart TV features are here, including Android TV, Google Assistant, Alexa-compatibility and both AirPlay 2 and Apple HomeKit, but the X950H takes this further with hands-free Google voice commands. No more reaching for the remote to ask for your next Netflix show.

It’s still early in 2020, so you can expect that we’ll get more Sony 2020 TV model pricing and availability details in the coming weeks. When that happens, we’ll update this post so you have it all in one place.

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