Soundfreaq brings dual system streaming and lightning connectors to new docks

soundfreaq sound platform 2

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Soundfreaq got its post-holiday freak on a little early as the company announced a suite of new products that it will make official at next month’s CES in Las Vegas. This includes the Sound Platform 2, Sound Rise Lighting and Sound Step/Sound  Recharge Lighting.

The freaq’ing begins with the Sound Platform 2, which will be released in February for around $150 as a Target exclusive. The new speaker dock will offer Dual System Streaming which will allow two systems to be paired together, working as one speaker system with left and right audio, and allowing owners to fill their rooms with balanced sound and true stereo separation.

This unit will also offer dual USB charging ports to make it easy to charge two smartphones or tablets at the same time, while a universal device tray will hold any device during streaming or charging. The Sound Platform 2 will also be available with an upgradeable rechargeable batterysoundfreaq sound platform 2 rise lighting that can provide up to seven hours of cord-free audio playback.

In addition to the Sound Platform 2, Soundfreaq will also unveil the Sound Rise Lighting and Sound Step/Sound Step Recharge Lighting at CES – all slated for a spring 2013 release.