The Cadillac of TVs costs more than a Cadillac: Samsung prices S9 at $40,000

Samsung's 85-inch S9 series

As 4K resolution and OLED technology make the march from prototypes to store shelves, we’ve seen some outrageous TV prices – from LG’s $12,000 55-inch OLED to Sony’s $25,000 84-inch 4K. But on Wednesday, Samsung topped them all. At a launch event in New York City, the company revealed it will sell its flagship S9 Ultra HD (UHD) TV for a whopping $40,000.

Samsung first unveiled the S9 at CES 2013 in January, where it drew as many stares for its unusual bezel and stand as for its ultra-sharp resolution. The floor-standing TV sits within an oversized metal frame, which reclines like an easel. It also boasts a three-way, 120-watt sound system and Samsung’s proprietary technology for converting 1080p content to UHD. That will come in handy, considering UHD content is nowhere in sight.

Even within the rarefied air of UHD televisions, Samsung’s S9 is breaking new ground with its $40,000 asking price. The aforementioned Sony XBR-84X900 goes for $25,000, and LG’s 4K offering, the 84LM9600, retails for “only” $20,000. How much are an extra inch and fancy bezel worth to you? Samsung’s apparently hoping at least $15,000.

Still on board? Ransack your retirement fund and head over to, where you’ll be able to preorder the UN85S9 for $39,999 starting at the end of March.