Tivoli teams up with Coach on leather-bound radio


Tivoli Audio has looked to fashion icon Coach for a limited-edition version of its PAL BT Bluetooth radio that is wrapped in leather or lizard print, and comes with a price tag to match.

The Coach PAL BT is made of the same leather found in Coach’s Men’s Bleecker Collection, and will be available in four aristocratic colors called Vintage Royal, Bonfire, Clover and Fawn. The lizard print version will come in Surf color, which looks to be a vibrant mix of aqua or teal. It’s not known if there will be other lizard colors to come in the future.

On the tech side of things, the PAL BT has Bluetooth audio streaming, AM/FM tuner, a headphone jack and 3.5mm aux-in jack for wired playback. The battery is rechargeable (should charge from empty to full in three hours), but it’s not entirely clear how long it lasts or if it’s any different from the battery found in the original model. It doesn’t look like there are any technical enhancements under the hood, either. This is purely a cosmetic change for the tabletop Bluetooth radio.

And a pricey one, at that — $350 for the leather model and $1,000 for the lizard model. Buying a lizard as a pet would be cheaper, but you wouldn’t get any music from it, while a Coach bag is still more expensive than the leather radio is.

The two versions are currently available through Coach under the Bleecker brand, but haven’t been seen yet on Tivoli’s less fashionable website as of yet.