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Urbanears' Stadion Bluetooth headset is sweatproof, stretchy, and stylish

urbanears stadion sweatproof bluetooth earphones boxing header
Urbanears launched its newest earphones on Tuesday, the $99 Stadion, which joins the company’s “Active” lineup of workout-friendly headphones.

Similar to the other members of Urbanears’ Active line — the Reimers earbuds and the Hellas Bluetooth on-ear headphones — the Stadion is sweatproof and lightweight. However, it’s unique in that it’s the first Bluetooth earphone headset in the Active line, making for a small, simple design devoid of cords or distracting loose parts.

Urbanears appears to have engineered the Stadion with a secure fit in mind. The headband is made with flexible coils, and wraps around the back of the head to conform to the wearer’s head shape. The earbuds are equipped with Urbanears’ EarClick technology, which affixes the earbuds to your ears, further securing the headset in place so you won’t have to worry about any annoying jostling while getting in your morning jog or afternoon CrossFit session.

Along with being stretchy and malleable, the Stadion’s headband features a three-button control scheme allowing you to skip songs, adjust volume, and accept incoming calls all from the back of the headband.

Urbanears claims users will get up to seven hours of playback on a single charge with the Stadion, making the headset a good potential pick for those long workouts or outdoor treks. Plus, built-in reflectors along the headset help keep you visible when exercising at night.

For those who require a set of earbuds that coordinates with their workout attire, the Stadion will be available in a handful of different color options, including the coral and gray “Rush,” blue and white “Team,” indigo and green “Trail,” and the black and gray “Black Belt.”

The Stadion headset is available on Urbanears’ website for $99.

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