Velodyne’s Wi-Q brings the wireless rumble without busting your wallet

velodynes wi q brings wireless rumble without busting wallet subwoofer

“The Smart Sub” made its debut early last month at the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas, and with the ability to sit up to 50 feet away from your entertainment system, a sub-$1000 price-point, and Velodyne’s signature power and plethora of features, the Wi-Q series looks hard to beat.

The series includes a 10-inch sub at $800 and a 12-inch at $900. Considering the company’s top-of-the-line subs go for upwards of $3300, these new additions will likely have the ears of home theater enthusiasts on a budget perking right up.

The new Wi-Q line is not Velodyne’s first or even least expensive wireless subwoofer offering, but it is certainly the most feature-rich and high performance-oriented. The sub comes with some of the company’s best tech, including an automatic EQ which  instantly tweaks the sub’s settings to optimally match any main speakers via an exclusive, built-in processor.

You’ll still need to set up the sub in a location where its power cable can reach an outlet, but other stand-alone subs (near the Wi-Q’s price-point) with “wireless” technology are in the same boat, and many of them aren’t natively wireless — they require (often expensive) add-on accessories to achieve the same level of freedom from the main speakers. 

Other notable features include Velodyne’s exclusive distortion-limiting system and dual-layer large copper voice coils, specifically matched with 7.40-lb. magnets for what we’re confident will be some hard hitting bass with plenty of finesse.

Velodyne’s Wi-Q line is available now, and you can find out more at the company’s site right here.