Vizio Introduces 19- and 23-inch LED-backlit LCD HDTVs

Vizio VM230XVT

Flatscreen TV maker Vizio realizes not everyone wants a gigantic flatscreen display for every purpose…but, lately, everyone seems to want LCD TVs with LED backlighting rather than old-school fluorescent lighting. To that end, Vizio has just rolled out its VM190XVT and VM230VVT flat-screen LCD televisions, featuring full 1080p resolution in 19- and 23-inch sizes…with LED backlighting. Vizio VM190XVT

The units feature nearly identical specs: native 1,920 by 1,080-pixel resolution, NTSC/ATSC/QAM tuners, a 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 300 nits of brightness, 60 Hz refresh rates, and a 5 ms response time. The sets sport SRS TruSurround HD and SRS TruVolume to help keep audio clear, 2 HDMI inputs (with HDCP support), an RF connector for an external tuner, along with S-Video and computer RGB inputs. There’s a USB port so users can display JPEG photos on screen, and the sets feature a headphone output for private viewing—although there are also two 5-watt speakers. The sets won’t win major awards from cinephiles, but they carry enough features to make them interesting to everyday consumers…and one of the key features will be the suggested prices: $349.99 for the 19-inch model, and $399.99 for the 23-inch model. VM230XVT (rear)