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Vizio rolls out ‘faster and smarter’ M-Series LED TVs nationwide

Vizio M-Series

California’s own TV maker, Vizio, has announced a nationwide rollout of its new line of M-Series Razor LED Smart TVs ranging from 32- to 80-inch models, which the company says are faster and smarter, along with sporting some of the thinnest bezels on the market.

There are nine different screen sizes in total, with a price range between $400 to $4,000, though those are suggested retail prices, so they may actually be cheaper once retailers start selling them before the end of the month.

Vizio says the new M-Series is loaded across the board with better picture quality, faster response time and a retooled Vizio Internet Apps Plus interface. All models are 1080p HD and offer up to 240Hz refresh rates using the company’s own Smooth Motion and backlight scanning technology to present a sharper image onscreen. Six of the models will have Theater 3D included, offering a “more immersive” and “brighter” viewing experience, coupled with battery-free 3D glasses inside the box.

App selection is also said to be improved with the usual suspects, like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Pandora, Vudu and Facebook among the list to start. The company has hinted that more will be added over time. The TV has both Wi-Fi and Ethernet for Internet access, and the backlit remote will be going through an upgrade in the summer that will give it Wi-Fi access and the ability to work as a universal remote to control multiple devices.

On the design side, the M-Series has been made with ultra-thin bezels and edge-to-edge glass, much like the XVT series has.

Pricing for the full gamut of sizes is listed below. Note that the smallest three sizes don’t come with Theater 3D.

The M-Series without Theater 3D

  • 32-inch (M321i) – $400
  • 40-inch (M401i) – $530
  • 47-inch (M471i) – $730

The M-Series with Theater 3D

  • 50-inch (M501d) – $800
  • 55-inch (M551d) – $1,200
  • 60-inch (M601d) – $1,600
  • 65-inch (M651d) – $2,000
  • 70-inch (M701d) – $2,500
  • 80-inch (M801d) – $4,000

A number of retailers will be carrying these, with Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart prominent among them, though several others will surely have them, too.

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