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Vudu getting its own button on Vizio remotes

Vudu remote control button
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Earlier this year, streaming video service and DVD rental outfit Netflix made a few eyes roll announcing deals that have consumer electronics manufacturers putting dedicated Netflix buttons on their remote controls. Now competing service Vudu is following suit, announcing that top consumer electronic brands&mdsah;including Vizio—will be adding Vudu buttons to the remote controls of selected HDTVs, media players, and Blu-ray players. The deal will give the Walmart-owned Vudu more exposure in the marketplace and—if the image of a Vudu button they’re distributing is to be believed—will put Vudu right next to Netflix in consumers’ hands.

Vudu currently offers customers access to more than 20,000 movies, including new releases as well as catalog titles and independent films. Vudu rentals start at $2 for two nights and don’t involve any subscription fees; Vudu also likes customers to know its catalog doesn’t have the same 28-day delay Netflix often experiences making new releases available.

The Vudu button will first appear on a range of Vizio HDTVs, 3DTVs, and Blu-ray players. The company hasn’t offered any information on when the new Vudu-equipped remotes will be reaching consumers.

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