Vudu’s ‘Share My Movies’ lets you safely share your Blu-ray collection worldwide

vudus share my movies lets you safely your blu ray collection vudu 1

For today’s cord-cutter, sharing media has become a common affair. From leaching Pandora One subscriptions, to handing off HBO GO passwords to catch the latest Game of Thrones episode, just because you don’t subscribe, doesn’t mean you can’t get in. Vudu seems to have latched on to this new trend, unveiling a new way to share your UltraViolet movie catalog called “Share My Movies.”

Outlined in a blog post, Share My Movies is described as a new way to “easily and safely share your UltraViolet movies and TV shows,” with no need to expose your password to the outside world. For those unfamiliar with UltraViolet content, it’s essentially a digital copy that comes with your purchased Blu-rays, allowing the content to be uploaded to the cloud for streaming or downloads in full 1080p HD.

Under the guidelines for Vudu’s new sharing service, each user (up to five) gets his or her own user name and password through a separate Vudu account. The account can be accessed through a variety of components, including mobile devices, media streamers, and PCs. Each user you authorize can then stream or download any UltraViolet movie or TV show you’ve uploaded from your catalog, potentially allowing you to watch content with friends across the country simultaneously.

The service is free, though there is a cut-off of three streams at a time. So share on, cord-cutters!