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Simpsons World premieres with every episode ever, and some playback bugs

watch every episode of the simpsons online at world site
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Sometimes the world we live in can seem so plain, so dry, so … un-yellow. But don’t worry, if the real world has got you down (and you’ve got cable), you can always retreat to Simpsons World, as the anticipated service, and its deluge of over 550 Simpsons episodes, is now live on the web and tucked inside the FX Now app.

Teased by a monumental marathon on the new FXX network, Simpsons World offers an unprecedented all-you-can-binge buffet of the longest running prime-time scripted comedy in TV history. The full list of goodies includes quotes, video clips, and every episode from seasons 1 to 25, with new episodes from the current 26th season arriving on the site/app the day after airing. However, you can’t just take this trip to Springfield all willy-nilly — you’ve got to show credentials in the form of authentication from a cable or satellite service.

And that’s not the only hang-up.

Apparently, we aren’t alone in trying to get our Simpsons fix since the app took flight on Tuesday. Coupled with its slightly overwhelming user interface — which seems to be bombarded with a bit too much animation and embellishments — the service has been experiencing some straight-up technical difficulties.

Simpsons World loading
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Under a siege of avid fans looking to tour through the bygone days of the show, from the Monorail, to Burns’ sunblocker, the site has buckled a bit, with many users experiencing playback issues, including the dreaded 404 message. We were caught in Simpson’s purgatory when we tried to access the site today, the wavy black background flashing like a strobe as it tried to continuously serve up a video clip we didn’t initiate.

Still, like most digital releases of this magnitude, there are bound to be some bumps on the road to Simpsons nirvana. We expect most of the issues associated with Simpsons World’s infant stages will be cleared up as site traffic lightens up, and developers work out the kinks.

Apart from a few frustrating moments, the app is primed and ready to deliver your Simpsons fix. So pull up your tattered brown couch, grab a few donuts, and get ready to set sail for Springfield — Simpsons World is go.

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