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Amazon and Walmart match lower prices on Echo Dot and Google Home Mini

Amazon and Walmart just resumed their price competition on the entry-level smart speakers for the Amazon Echo and Google Nest smart home ecosystems. Following September’s Prime Day price war between the two giant retailers and their championed smart home devices, both merchants reverted to full pricing. Now the price cuts have started again, with 40% discounts on the third-generation Echo Dot and the Google Home Mini.

We track the best discounts on smart home devices sold by Amazon and Walmart to save you the time and effort. Whether you are starting a new smart home setup, building out an existing configuration, or want to buy Google Home Minis or Echo Dots as gifts, these two deals can help you save $20 each.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) — $20 off

The Echo Dot, in its various versions, has the best-selling smart speaker in the world for several years. The Dot’s continued prominence is due in no small measure to the success of the Amazon Echo smart home platform. Amazon sells a wide range of its own brand smart home devices. Most third-party smart home device manufacturers consider Alexa-compatibility a must-have checkbox feature.

The Dot doesn’t give up any smart home control or independent device voice functionality to the other, more costly, Echo smart speakers and smart displays. You can use the Dot to ask Alexa to set timers and alarms, play your favorite music, answer questions, play games, tell jokes and stories, and manage an array of compatible smart home devices.

Normally priced at $50, the third-generation Echo Dot is just $30 during this sale. If you want one or more units of this entry level but very powerful Amazon Echo smart speaker, this is a great opportunity to save.

Google Home Mini — $20 off

Like the Echo Dot, the Google Home Mini smart speaker is the low-key, lowest-price device to get started with the Google Nest smart home platform. Just say “Hey, Google” to begin using voice commands for Google search, to ask any question imaginable, request a single track or a playlist, make voice calls, access a foreign language translator, or give instructions to Google Nest smart home devices.

Usually $49, Walmart dropped the Google Home Mini to $29 for this sale. If you’re looking for an inexpensive entry point for Google Assistant-managed smart home devices, here’s your chance to buy one or stock up on several units at a significant discount.

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