The Ambi Climate 2 will turn your old AC unit into a smarter version of itself

If there’s one appliance in your home that would benefit from a little intelligence, it’s probably your AC unit. After all, keeping your house at the right temperature, especially during the hottest months of the year, is no small task, and one that requires some brains. Luckily, Ambi Climate has plenty of smarts to go around, now that it’s introduced its second model, the Ambi Climate 2.

Described as an AI-enhanced air conditioning tool, this smart home device monitors more than just your home’s temperature. Rather, it takes into consideration a whole host of factors that ultimately affect the comfort of your internal environment, including humidity, sunlight, time of day, and the outside weather.

So why is this important? You see, while your body temperature is constantly in flux, your AC unit (inanimate object that it is), generally is not. That means that you, hapless soul, are constantly adjusting your AC to meet your ever-changing needs, which can certainly become a nuisance when those adjustments have to happen at 2 a.m.

But the Ambi Climate 2 wants to put an end to all that. “In order to deliver an optimal environment, Ambi Climate needs to learn what is comfortable for you,” the team explains on its Kickstarter page. “This is done using machine learning techniques and A.I. technology. You’ll need to help Ambi Climate learn by giving feedback about your comfort in different seasons and times.”

Using the system’s companion app, you can constantly provide feedback to the smart system, helping reduce overheating and overcooling issues over time. And in addition to the data that you provide, Ambi Climate will also use its multiple sensors to automatically adjust the temperature based on a variety of considerations. This, the team says, could help you reduce your energy bill by up to 30 percent.

The best part about the Ambi Climate is that it’s not a brand-new AC unit — rather, it’s a tool that can be paired with your existing appliance, indeed making it smarter. Simply place it in clear view of your AC, download the Ambi Climate app, pair the device with your AC unit, and make use of those brains.

You can pre-order an Ambi Climate now from Kickstarter for $90, with an estimated delivery date in June.