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Take care of your pool from afar with Blue by Riott

blue by Riiot - the Smart Pool Analyzer
It seemed like a great idea, but that was when you were looking at brochures and thought you would have enough spare time to keep your brand new pool in tip-top shape. Now that it’s been installed, how are you going to look after that body of water in your backyard? Never fear, Blue by Riott is here.

Thanks to this smart pool monitor and its companion app, unveiled at the 2017 CES show, you can look after your pool all day every day, no matter where you are. With Blue, you’ll be able to track your pool’s water quality and temperature, so you know instantaneously whether it’s safe to go in for a quick swim, or if you might need to make some changes before letting people do cannonballs. It’ll even give you the day’s temperature to help you make your decision.

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