Take a look in this book, and it turns into a stool

If you’re the kind of person who carries around a book at all times but never have a place to sit, have we got a solution for you. Bookniture recently launched on Kickstarter, and it’s pretty much what it sounds like: a book that turns into a stool or table, as though it’s a stationary Transformer.

The whole point is that it’s portable, easy to fold and unfold, and still sturdy enough to hold 375 pounds (170 kilograms). The secret is its honeycomb structure. Made of recyclable kraft paper, the 7-inch by 13-inch by 1.6-inch book accordians out to 14 times its original size. A felt cover rests on top when you want it to act as a table. Neodymium magnets hold the cover closed when it’s returned to its book shape.

The Bookniture weighs in at 3.5 pounds (1.6 kilograms), so it’s not feather-light, but it’s definitely less cumbersome than a folding chair. Plus, you just stick it on the shelf once your guests leave.

Smitten with this furniture disguised as a book? Early birds can pledge $60 or $63 for the brown or black versions. After that, the prices rise to $80 and $83. If the $50,000 goal is reached, the creators expect to start shipping in May.