Charging Ryno: electric unicycle offers urban mobility on one wheel

For those of you sick of four wheels –and even two — why not try one? Perhaps that was on the mind of designer Chris Hoffman when he started his work on the Ryno Electric Unicycle.

The Ryno electric unicycle is a single-wheeled personal transportation system with a top speed of 25 mph and a range of up to 30 miles. Riders operate the vehicle by sitting on a seat that rests atop the 25-inch thick tire. While Segways require you to stand, what is nice about the Ryno is the ability for the driver to sit comfortably while zipping around town.

Currently the Ryno will set you back a hefty $25,000, but that is a pre-production model, of which Hoffmann already has five orders, with the final cost of the market model expected to drop significantly down to $4,200. Shipping the final models will initially begin early 2012 in Asia, with American and European orders taking place later in the year.