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Cleanyst imagines a new mix-at-home paradigm for cleaning products

What if you could make shampoo, conditioner, and even laundry detergent as easily as you can brew a cup of coffee in a Keurig coffee maker? That’s the dream of some Miami entrepreneurs who have come up with a new device they call Cleanyst, a home-mixing system that combines pre-manufactured pouches with your at-home water to create all kinds of cleaning products via an eco-friendly home device that eventually pays for itself.

The Cleanyst device, which is now being plugged on Kickstarter and is anticipated to ship in December of this year, is centered on a mechanical home appliance that agitates the company’s cleaning compounds to produce the desired cleaning product.

While it may sound like the same way you use Murphy’s Oil Soap in a mop bucket or dump some bubble bath into your daily soak, the Cleanyst device is a little more sophisticated. Specifically, the home-use wingding can handle products of different viscosities — meaning users can create gels like shampoos or liquids like glass cleaners — right at home using the same futuristic device.

It remains to be seen how much of a mess it makes but you have to admit such a device would likely be super eco-friendly and sustainable. While owners have to order the high-quality, plant-based concentrates, they can use reusable bottles and their very own water to make a variety of cleaning products that don’t generate the tons of packaging associated with traditional cleaning products.

Cleanyst is the brainchild of brothers Nick, Matthew, and Mark Gunia. Nick, the co-founder and CEO of Cleanyst, brought in his brothers to run the business. These guys’ father was clearly a big influence, since their dad started a packing distribution company in the early 1980s and would bring home bottles and caps for the kids to play with.

Naturally, Cleanyst is a spin-off of K.G. International, a company that specializes in packaging, concentrates, and ingredients for international products.

As far as what a finished product might look like, Cleanyst has something of a preview. A Cleanyst Starter Kit will come with a reportedly easy-to-use home appliance to do all the mixing and chemistry, two reusable mixing bottles, accessories for said bottles including a sprayer, pump, and pouring spout, and your choice of any two ingredient pouches.

The concentrates for the pouches are available in “Free & Clear” versions without dyes or fragrances but for those who are into aromas, the collection of available products includes concentrates that blend scents like Citrus Mint, Lemongrass Ginger, and Lavender Lemon, among others.

Sure, making your own cleaning products at home is a bit of a pain compared to picking stuff up at Target but Cleanyst’s system not only gives homeowners an enormous amount of control over the chemicals and cleaning products around them but also potentially saves them money. Cleanyst says its wingding will pay for itself in a around a year and then generate up to $700 in savings over 5 years — assuming you can still get Cleanyst’s stuff.

As usual, exercise caution when participating in a crowdfunding campaign. The company filed its first patent in January of 2016, produced a looks-like, works-like prototype in January, and intends to deliver by the end of the year.  Previous performance is not a guarantee of future results, so if you’re going to order from Cleanyst, use caution and monitor what’s going on with the company. We’ll keep you posted.

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