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Get charged up for yard work with these cordless, eco-friendly maintenance tools

Get charged up for yard work with EGO’s line of battery-powered lawn and garden tools, which includes a mower, blower, string trimmer, hedge trimmer, and chainsaw.

A new patent-pending 56 Volt Lithium-Ion battery is the interchangeable performance driver of this collection, and is fully rechargeable in 30 minutes. This interchangeability means you can seamlessly switch between tools without stopping your work flow. The intuitive, quiet devices are easy on your ears as well as those of your neighbors.

EGO claims to rival gas powered equipment in terms of performance, while eliminating the harmful aspects of such fuel-centered appliances.

Give your grass a haircut — without the noise fuss and fumes. The EGO Power+ Mower boasts a 20” deck, which trims down the number of passes required to mow your lawn. A 3-in-1 function allows for mulching, bagging or using the side discharge chute. LED headlights allow for anytime mowing, from sunrise to nightfall. When the job is done, the mower’s foldable design allows for easy and convenient storage.

EGO Power+ 56 volt Cordless Lawn Equipment

Operating at 3,000 strokes per minute, the EGO Power+ Hedge Trimmer allows for clean, quick cuts to get the job done faster and a large cutting capacity for trimming branches of to three quarters of an inch thick.

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The EGO Power+ Blower features a high-efficiency brushless motor, lightweight and compact design, low vibrations, and extended motor life. You’ll be blown away.

With a 15 inch swath and extended aluminum shaft, the EGO Power+ String Trimmer delivers unmatched cordless power. Get rid of weeds and overgrowth with this cool whip.

Bring on the brawn with the EGO Power+ Chain Saw, which can handle up to 100 cuts per charge. The machine’s 14-inch bar and chain gives you the ability to cut wood more than one foot thick. Includes an automatic lubrication system, chain tensioning knob, and chain kickback break for added safety.

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