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Deep Sentinel home security system predicts break-ins before they happen

Introducing Deep Sentinel - Smart Home Surveillance

As much as you’d probably like to, you can’t keep an eye on your home 24/7, and you can’t always stop bad things from happening (even though home break-ins have been on the decline). Deep Sentinel, a California-based tech startup, believes it can handle that task for you. The company is showing off its Deep Sentinel Smart Home Surveillance System, powered by A.I.-infused security cameras, at CES 2019.

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Part of Deep Sentinel’s system is pretty standard. The company uses connected security cameras to keep an eye on your home. The basic system includes three wireless 1080p full HD cameras with night vision and PIR motion sensing features, a smart hub that connects to all of them and gives you the ability to check in on what they’re seeing, four rechargeable batteries, three wall mounts, and a yard sign and sticker decals to let potential thieves know that your home is being monitored, and they should go rob someone else.

Where Deep Sentinel differentiates itself is with its LiveSentinel surveillance service. Using proprietary artificial intelligence, the company believes that it will be able to use the cameras to act as virtual guards. By watching the activity around your home and using predictive A.I., the video surveillance system is designed to predict situations that may lead to burglaries, break-ins, package thefts, and other potential dangers.

The A.I. creates a virtual perimeter around the home, monitors activity, and detects false alarms to make sure not to alert you without merit. Basically, Deep Sentinel believes that it can provide your home with some Minority Report-style crime prevention by identifying bad outcomes before they happen.

“Our LiveSentinel surveillance team has eyes on intruders from the second they step on your front yard, making Deep Sentinel the only home security solution that includes active security guards whose job it is to shout criminals off your property,” David Selinger, CEO and co-founder of Deep Sentinel said in a statement. “Equipped with cutting-edge A.I. technology, LiveSentinel guards jump into action to confront intruders and alert authorities when suspicious activity is detected.“

The Deep Sentinel Home Surveillance System will be available for $399. You’ll also need to buy into the company’s monthly subscription service in order to enjoy the security the system is promising. The purchase requires a minimum one-year commitment, which costs $50 per month.

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